Plymouth Succotash



1 quart large white Navy beans

6 quarts hulled corn (Smutty white)

6-8 pounds of corned beef (2nd cut rattle rand).

1 pd. Salt Pork both fat and lean.

4-6 pds. chicken cleaned and trussed.

1 large turnip

8-10 medium sized potatoes

salt and pepper to season.


1. Soak beans overnight
2. In the morning simmer until soft, and mash to a pulp.
3. Place pork and corned beef in cold water to cover, gradually bring to a slow boil: continue until tender, about 3 hours
4. Boil the chicken in another kettle about 1 and 1/2 hours, or until tender.
5. Place the mashed beans and hulled corn in a kettle with some fat and liquor from the cooked meats.
6. Simmer to the consistency of a thick soup. The beans should absorb the liquor but not become too dry.
7. Remove the meats to a warm platter to be served with succotash.
8. Mix the corned beef and chicken liquors and in this cook the turnip and potatoes cut in small pieces.
9. Now add the hulled corn and beans to the cooked vegetables and juices as for a stew, and simmer a few minutes to blend the flavors.
10. Serve the succotash in bowls and pass the meats to be added or to be eaten on the side as desired.