About Us

Fort Churchill Chapter

Fort Churchill Chapter was organized in Fernley, Nevada, on October 06, 2012, by organizing regent Linda Garrett and eleven patriotic women. After a brief telephone call to National, we received affirmation that the Fort Churchill Chapter had been confirmed. After the meeting we took time out to celebrate the 122nd birthday of DAR. Our regular meetings are held in Fernley, Nevada the first Saturday of each month from September through May.

About Fort Churchill

The chapter name, Fort Churchill, was adapted from the once active U.S. Army fort built in 1861 to provide protection for early settlers. The post was named Fort Churchill for Sylvester Churchill, Inspector General of the U.S. Army. Fort Churchill is located eight miles south of Silver Springs on Alternate U.S. 95, and one mile on Fort Churchill Road.

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Organizational Meeting

October 06 2012 Organizational Meeting

Back left to right; Historian Bonnie Rardin, Treasurer Kimberly Perryman, Registrar Lynn Kinsell, Secretary Lynda Freeman. Front left to right; Regent Linda Garrett, Chaplain Ruth Cramer, Vice-Regent Sue Gill.

Our Patriots

  • Abijah Perry, NH, PVT
  • Abijah Rembert, SC, PS
  • Asahel Alford, NY
  • Benjamin Wallace MA, 1st Lt
  • Daniel Dennison, NY, Sgt
  • Ebenezer Perry, NH, PS
  • Elijah Towner, CT, PVT PS
  • George Pettigrew; SC; PVT & PS
  • Henry Yoho, VA; PVT & PS
  • Jacob Zollinger
  • Jesse Dillon, NC; PS
  • Job Harvey, PA, LT
  • John Clifton, DE, PVT
  • John Dale, Sr, NH, CS PS
  • John Lombard, MA, PVT
  • John Ramsdell, MA, Sgt.
  • John Vivian, VA, PS
  • Jonathan Peckham, RI, PVT
  • Joseph Crocker, MA, Public Service
  • Joseph Holt, NH, CS PS
  • Joseph Holt, Sr, NH, PS
  • Joseph Jennings, CT; Sol
  • Joseph Sanford, CT, Pvt
  • Lawrence Fix, Jr, PA, PVT
  • Nathaniel Cary, Sr, CT, SGT
  • Patrick Anderson, PA, CAPT PS
  • Peter Colbeth, MA, PVT
  • Pettit Baxter, NY, PVT
  • Robert Upton, NH, Sgt
  • Seth Lewis Hamlin; MA; PVT
  • William Chapman, NJ, PVT
  • William Williams, NC; PVT
  • George McGungle, PA; PVT

2016-2018 Officers

Sue Gill


Susi Shanahan


Linda Garrett


Lynda Freeman


Bonnie Rardin


Louita Berry


Amy Marie Young